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Khaosan Road

Khao San Road

by David Young

Khao San Road. Bangkok. Thailand. A place for people to hole up for a few days or disappear for life. It’s here that a group of travelers from disparate walks of life find themselves stranded for one long weekend. Through a series of chance encounters, strange coincidence, and unexpected delays, each will find his or her ideas about life and love challenged as paths cross and priorities are thrown out the window.

There’s Daniel, the disillusioned youth with a chip on his shoulder, Blaise, the self-help guru whose star is fading, Kimmy, the bride-to-be tracking down an old flame, Am, the lovesick Thai girl on a mission from her employer, and Bud, the aging rock and roller who can’t get his life on track. From fresh-faced arrivals to long-term ex-pats, Khao San Road is a comedy of lost souls, cheap guesthouses, black market babies, and a whole lot more.