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First Published
© 2008
No Problem Girl

No Problem Girl

by David Young

Peter Slodell has it all: money, looks, a great car, and a cool apartment courtesy of his father’s mayonnaise empire. He lives the life of a playboy, rigidly following the 50 rules set down in his “Guide To Single Living” and adamantly refuses to take part in the family business. To thwart the idleness of his deadbeat son, Peter’s dying father leaves a vengeful stipulation in his will stating that the family inheritance will only go to his son after he’s married. In a panic, Peter signs up with the Siam Dreams Marriage Agency, planning to stay wed long enough to collect his money, and return to single living.

On the other side of the world lives Aree. Aree is a Thai girl who finds herself in desperate straits after being laid off from her factory in the Northeast. Frustrated in her attempts to make an honest living and help her family with financial worries, Aree takes her friend’s advice and signs up with Siam Dreams in the hopes of finding a rich foreign husband.

From their first meeting over the Net, Peter believes he’s found his no-problem girl. Aree, however, turns out to be something entirely unexpected.