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First Published
© 2006
Digital Edition
© 2011
Bangkok Dick

Thailand Joy

by David Young

She was beautiful, she was sexy, she was sweet and she was kind. She was the closest and the farthest thing from love…

Mantana, better known as Nong Joy to her friends and family, has undertaken a perilous journey. Armed with nothing but her beauty and wit, she sets out from her small village to find a respectable job in the big city. Bangkok, however, has other plans…

Thailand Joy is the remarkable story of one girl’s descent into the neon lit world of lost innocence and jaded desire. It is hot dirty days, papaya salad, short-time hotel rooms, jealous bar girls, drunken sailors, balloon shows, fire shows, eel shows, madness, despair, laughter, and hope. It is sure to be a tale you won’t soon forget.