“Fresh and original…an unflinchingly entertaining tale of hard luck cases and their struggles for redemption.”

The Nation

No Problem Girl

“David Young is different. He’s funny.”

The Nation, Editor's Pick


“We like Young’s books, although on occasion he goes just a bit over the top…you can not turn a page of this book, without something at least mildly hilarious turning up.”

Independent Book Review, Thai Websites

Sukhumvit Road

“This author can write, which can sometimes be novel for those writing novels in this country!”

Chiang Mai Mail

Fast Eddie's Lucky 7 A-Go-Go

“David Young is one of the better authors here…Fast Eddie’s Lucky 7 A-Go-Go is a fast read and is interest-holding.”

The Bangkok Post

Sukhumvit Road

“Wacky characters, convoluted plot and wildly comic language…It’s a good-hearted Feydeau sexual farce, threaded with an ominous streak of evil.”

The Nation


“The denouement is fast paced and does not let up for many pages, during which time you will swear at anyone or thing that diverts your attention. It was certainly a good read.”

Chiang Mai Mail

The Scribe

“A marvelous novel, highly enjoyable…if you are one of the thousands of English teachers who enjoys a drink or two down at the bars, then you really should pick up a copy of this book.”


Fast Eddie's Lucky 7 A-Go-Go

“The author covers ground which, in less skillful hands, could have descended into cliché but which, instead, takes Thailand fiction to a new level.”

Mango Sauce

Sukhumvit Road

“David Young’s style is very entertaining - most of the book speaks in first person through the mouths of its characters—and they’re not short of humourous one-liners.”

Cynical Reviewer

Thailand Joy

“Now this is one book that I had really been looking forward to, the second novel by David young, author of The Scribe—a book that I thoroughly enjoyed.”


Interviews & Articles

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Dean Barrett interviews David Young about his fondness for the history of Thai furniture.


David Young sits down with Uncle Lancifer.

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